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26 October 2007

buddhist monk delivered by the cross?

A buddhist monk recently escaped from the ongoing fiasco in Burma/Myanmar. He escaped police by climbing a brick wall, hiding out for weeks with minimal resources. To disguise himself, he dyed his hair blonde, donned a sarong, reading glasses, a light-blue cap... and a crucifix.

Some Christians might be offended by this 'use' of a 'christian' symbol. I for one, am thrilled that Ashin Kovida, the 24 year old monk, was able to get out alive, and all the more pleased that a simple necklace could aid his escape.

It will be interesting to see if Christian fundies complain. I hope not.


5 October 2007

Derek Lind on You Tube

Derek Lind is a truly gifted song-writer and good friend.

I count it a privilege to have met and befriended him.

He just plain 'gets it'. Life, Politics, Religion - the whole shooting match.

Here's one of his songs off of you tube...

Derek Lind - 'Nothing Looks The Same'