Exploring the interplay between ortho-doxy (right belief) and ortho-praxy (right action)...

...and encouraging a life where these intertwined thoughts and deeds simply happen... by default.

5 October 2007

Derek Lind on You Tube

Derek Lind is a truly gifted song-writer and good friend.

I count it a privilege to have met and befriended him.

He just plain 'gets it'. Life, Politics, Religion - the whole shooting match.

Here's one of his songs off of you tube...

Derek Lind - 'Nothing Looks The Same'


Laban said...

Yeah he's great. I want a CD.

Kent said...

He's an inspiration, yes...

Look away

candle light
a red spot light
this time a man with a song
got it right

I can’t look away

I could walk away from the man
I could hang up the guitar
but as for the song
I cannot turn away

the words have me
captured by their passion
captivated by

the brutal beauty
of the ugliness of this world

candle light
a red spot light
this is how I want to do it
do it right

I can’t let them look away...

(Derek Lind gig BCNZ 1995)

KentNZ said...

The link on my name doesnt work, but there's a couple more poems inspired by Derek's gig here:


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